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Company History

In 1982, Ms. Sau May Ho founded Michelle Hardware Supplies Ltd., later renamed as Michelle Electrical Supplies (Hong Kong) Ltd. ("the Company"). The Company originally focused on the sales and distribution of materials required for electrical and mechanical engineering in building services. Between 1992 and 1999, the Company was involved in multiple notable reclamation projects in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, including but not limited to: the East Ocean Centre, Auto Plaza, Harbour City (Phases 1 and 2), the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and the High Court. Due to the continuous expansion of its operations, the Company was formally renamed in 1991 as "Michelle Electrical Supplies (Hong Kong) Ltd." In 1995, the Company produced its first brand, HN-MES®, a series of hot-dipped galvanized steel conduits and accessories. Within the first year of introduction, the Company successfully broke the monopoly of the market for hot-dipped galvanized steel conduits in Hong Kong by the Japanese brands C.E.-Maruichi® and Nippon® with its new brand. In November 1997, the Company obtained the sole supplier rights to AEI, the third largest brand for electric cables in the British markets. The combination of the production of its own brand, HN-MES®, and the supplier rights to AEI electric cables allowed the Company to achieve unprecedented sales and consolidated the foundation for the Company's future establishment of its own brands.

The political climate significantly changed following the Handover of Hong Kong to China as the government gradually moved towards the creation of new policies to substitute for policies passed down from the colonial era. Therefore, under the vision of Ms.Ho, the Company mandated that all brands produced by the Company henceforth must follow the quality measures established by the International Electrotechnical Commission ("IEC") standards, marking the shift from the British Standards from the colonial era. Following four years of significant investment and multinational inspection for the entire product line, all products obtained the required certification and entered mass distribution in 2005. At the same time, after years of internal audit and industry consultation, the Hong Kong government decided to fully implement IEC standards across the board. As of April 30, 2009, market research indicates that HN-MES®, and MAS® are the only brands used in large quantities in large-scale construction projects that are IEC-certified.

Company Overview

Michelle Electrical Supplies (Hong Kong) Ltd. ("the Company") was established in 1991 with its headquarters located in the Fo Tan Industrial Area in Shatin, Hong Kong. The Company also has subsidiaries in China that focus on product design, material procurement, and assistance for the production of the Company’s brands, including: HN-MES® hot-dipped galvanized steel conduits and accessories, HN-MES® cable trunkings, cable trays, cable ladders, U-channels and accessories. In 2005, the Company expanded its business to electric wires and cables with registered brand name "MAS" cables. Its product range covers general wirings and power cables with rated voltage less than 1000Volt applied in building services. This includes conduit wirings, surface wiring cables, flexible cords, armoured power cables, rubber cables, fire resistant cables and eco cables. MAS Cables also produce middle (upto 35kV) and high voltage ( upto 110kV) power cables in main power supply system.

In addition, MAS Cables concentrate special cables development and application in different industries such as oil pump cable for mining, cables for elevator, cables for welding machine, cable for automobiles, prefabricated branch cable for high-rise residential or commercial buildings, shipboard cables, signal cables etc.

We also customize electrical cables catered for specific environments.

All are products sold under the HN-MES® and MAS® brands. Both brands are awarded with the quality certifications and approval from multiple international standards institutions, including:

  • 1. British Standards Institution (BSI)
  • 2. Electrosuisse
  • 3. China National Centre for Quality Supervision & Test of Electric Wire & Cable
  • 4. Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC)
  • 5. Hong Kong Fire Services Department
  • 6. Customs Headquarters Building

Currently, the two major brands and three product series under the Company supplies for the projects supervised by the Hong Kong Architectural Services Department, Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Airport Authority of Hong Kong, and MTR. It also is widely used in residential , commercial (shopping malls, hotels, theme parks) projects , the hotels and casino in Macau (please refer to our job references for further details).

At this stage, our products occupy the leading position in both the Hong Kong and Macau markets. According to the market sales research report from the Hong Kong Electrical Contractors’ Association, as of December 31, 2008, the HN-MES® hot-dipped galvanized steel conduits and accessories has at least 65% market share, the electric wires and cable business has a 25% market share, and each occupies the first and third position respectively in its corresponding product series. The report also reveals that HN-MES® and MAS® is one of the most well-known brands among users in construction projects in Hong Kong and Macao.

To sustain our competitivity in the market, our company will continue to provide the best quality of service at the lowest operating cost, promote value-adding strategies and follow the latest market trends. We aim to minimize the operational costs for our customer, continue to exploit the newest products to meet the market needs and improve the quality of our products to provide the best services for our customers.


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