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has been founded over 18 years, mainly manufacturing and supplying electrical installation materials, devices and associated products used in building services. During these years, we expand our range of service increasingly. Today we are one of the leading companies in the field. Our product includes :

  • (a) Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Conduits and Accessories
  • (b) Flexible Conduits and Accessories
  • (c) Cable Trays, Cable Trunkings, Cable Ladders and Accessories
  • (d) Cable Lugs and Glands
  • (e) Earthing and Lightning Materials

We devote to manufacture our product according to latest IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission ) standards in a high quality. For effective installation and better solution to electrical power supply system, we constantly modify existing product and develop new ones, and are willing to work with our valuable customers to solve their problems.

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MAS Cables

MAS Cables specializes in exploiting and manufacturing a wide range of wires and cables product according to IEC standards, and can also tailor-made the cables based on customers' specifications. MAS Cables production range covers general wirings and power cables with rated voltage less than 1000Volt applied in building services. This includes conduit wirings, surface wiring cables, flexible cords, armoured power cables, rubber cables, fire resistant cables and eco cables. MAS Cables also produce middle voltage (less than 35kV) power cables in main power supply system.

In addition, MAS Cables concentrate special cables development and application in different industries such as oil pump cable for mining, cables for elevator, cables for welding machine, cable for automobiles, shipboard cables, signal cables etc.

All MAS Cables production adopts advanced technology, the best raw materials and modern equipment with a strict quality surveillance scheme.

We are ready to work with our customers to provide them with our professional advice and then the best solutions for their wire and cable requirements.

Please refer to our product detail and then you can find a suitable one from a wide variety of products to meet your every need.

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